By Blair Bordelon
Joby John, Ph.D., dean of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette College of Business came to America from India in 1983 to get his doctorate at Oklahoma State University.
Before coming to America, John received his bachelor's in pharmacy, but soon realized that he greatly preferred the business side of pharmacy.
John worked for a tobacco firm for a while after getting his master's degree in business administration, MBA, but soon found himself back in pharmacy working for a company called Pfizer, but this time with the business side of things.
John said that what draws him to business is that it is "both an art and science. . . you can be creative and at the same time you can be very methodical about what you do."
His favorite aspect of business is marketing because it demands a certain level of creativity to appeal to the customers.
John has published many research papers about marketing, such as customer satisfaction with online purchases, and his textbook series, "Marketing Services," the fourth edition of which he is currently working on.
When John decided to begin the doctorate program at Oklahoma State, his transition from India to America was a smooth one. The most important difference, he noted, is that of the educational system. Having been a part of the British style of education for so long, the idea of multiple-choice exams was a strange one.
The British style also helped John to speak and understand English long before he came to the United States, although he did admit "it was a problem to learn American."
After getting his doctorate John began teaching in Boston at what was then Bentley College. He worked at Bentley for 21 years and served as department head of marketing for the last eight.
John became the dean of the College of Business at UL Lafayette about two years ago. He decided to take the position because his wife, whom he met at a business conference, grew up in Broussard, and he had been visiting the area during holidays for about 15 years.
"It's a very close community," John said about Lafayette. "People are very friendly, and they take time to chat."
As dean, John said he spends a lot of his time signing things, but that even though UL Lafayette is a public school, which usually means lots of paperwork for little things, he is quite happy that this university as much less "red tape" then most state schools.
John is also a board member for several organizations, such as the chamber of commerce, the Rotary Club, the Board of Trustees for the Lafayette General Medical Center and the International Trade Development Group.

When he finally gets a breather on Friday afternoons, John said he enjoys a game of golf with Dean Gerald Carlson, Ph.D., of the College of Education, whose score, John said, must be checked all the time.