By Melissa Huval

Let’s face it. There are a few foods that we all indulge in maybe just a little too much. Here’s a list of those foods we consume on a daily occasion and a few alternatives to consider taking up if you’re watching your waistlines.

Our number-one favorite food to gobble down is none other than pizza! All that melted cheese with your choice of toppings can definitely be called a little slice of heaven but also gives you about 300 calories and 12 grams of fat per slice, and who really eats just one? Calories and fat grams can increase as you add on all those toppings. If you can’t give up this all-time favorite try eating a salad before the meal or choose less cheese and go with the veggie option. Also ask about whole-wheat pizza crust options.

The second favorite food would have to be ice cream. With all the varieties of flavors and add-ins, there’s one for everyone. Unfortunately, many of us fail to realize that a standard serving size is (get ready for this one) only half a cup! Your best bet to save calories here is to watch your portion sizes. Sure you can indulge, but only in moderation. There are also low-calorie fruit sorbets that can satisfy your sweet tooth craving while saving you a few calories.

Next on our list are soft drinks. Each 12-ounce can gives you about 150 calories and more than 40 grams of sugar! How do you save calories here? Drink some calorie-free water. Add flavors to it like lemon or other fruit juices. Watch for those popular flavor water options, which are also packed with calories and sugar in disguise.

White rice, a southern favorite food, tops our indulgence list. You can bet those two or three mounds on your place can equal about two to three servings since a standard serving size of rice is one cup. Instead of loading up on rice, load up more on your veggies at meal time. Vegetables provide you with many important vitamins and minerals you need for optimal nutrition.

Last on the list are potato chips. It’s easy to get carried away with a large bag of them. This favorite not only supplies you with a good helping of calories and fat, but are also high in sodium. Instead of sitting down with a bag of chips, try snacking on unsalted nuts, which also provide you with a generous amount of health, unsaturated fats and protein. If you can’t give up you crispy goodness, try the lower calorie baked options that also taste great!

There are plenty of more foods that we simply can’t get enough of. It’s always okay to indulge as long as it monitored. Watch those portion sizes and read labels. It’s the only way you will know exactly what you’re consuming. Continue to eat right and stay active Ragin’ Cajuns!