By Whitney Armentor

This week, I decided to rent movies in theme with something that I know a number of us will be facing very shortly: graduation. For the past two months, I’ve shipped out countless resumes, been to job fairs, and have rocked slowly back in forth in a corner fretting about finances and the future.

The first of this week’s rentals was “Say Anything.” Any of you who have held a giant boom box over your head in pursuit of a lost love will be familiar with this movie, or at least the pop culture reference.

John Cusack plays Lloyd Dobler, a sweet, down to earth fellow. He, as well as the class of 1980-something, are spending their last summer of freedom before college. Lloyd decides to go for the mysterious, yet beautiful brain of the class, Diane Court, played by Ione Skye (weirdest name ever).

Most feel she is unapproachable, but Lloyd goes for it any way, and so starts the summer romance.

The IRS is investigating Diane’s father during this time and to say he is edgy and possessive is an understatement. He likes Lloyd at first, but when his time with Diane lessens, his opinion changes. It all comes to a climatic head between Lloyd, Diane, the IRS, and their futures as the summer draws to a close.

I absolutely loved this movie. On a whole, I am all right with my '80s movies, but the silliness gets to me. What sets this movie apart is that there is no embarrassment factor. Most '80s films focus on making ridiculous situations and making characters suffer. This movie and the characters are all plausible, and I can empathize with them.

In addition, it shows that John Cusack was once a decent actor. He was perfect in this role, which is something I cannot say about many of his current films. A-

My next rental was a 90s classic. “Reality Bites” is the story of a group of friends all reaching the end of college and entering the real world. Much to their chagrin, it’s not the best job market nor as fun as they hoped.

Winona Ryder plays Lelaina Pierce, who I am assuming focused in video editing. She aspires to be a documentarian and lives with her best friend played by Janeane Garofalo. Also, she has two other guy friends, one is the love interested played by Ethan Hawk and the other by Steve Zahn. Each are going through their early twenty-something crisis regarding sexuality, romance, careers, and futures respectively. Lelaina eventually meets a business executive, played by director Ben Stiller, and see a chance to launch her movie. All the while, Ethan Hawk lingers in the background waiting for the curtain to drop.

Once again, I truly enjoyed this film. I read a recent review that said this movie still holds weight more than 10 years later because the themes are something college students can relate with, particularly with the current job market. All the characters are evocative and react to their situation earnestly. B+