By Cory LaGrange

Every once in a while I feel it necessary to go out on a limb and write about not music, per se, but something music related. Those of you familiar with the Lafayette music scene might have heard of a little club called Club 307. In its day, 307 was a premier and coveted venue for musical acts, sometimes hosting two events in one night, one in the back room and one in the front bar. It was one of the best places to see live music in the Lafayette area.
Since the closing of Club 307, it has been replaced with The Office. Don’t let the name fool you. This establishment has nothing in common with the hilarious, pleasant and amusing television show. No, The Office has carved out a niche for itself, being a safe haven for bros, gweeds and the like.
For my 21st birthday, I went out downtown with a group of friends. We went to The Greenroom on Jefferson and were having a great time. A friend of a friend suggested that we run next door and check out The Office. I was skeptical but decided to give it a shot. After all, I am now 21.
Let me preempt this by describing my choice of outfit for the night. I was dressed in a polo collared shirt, nice dark jeans and  black dress shoes. BUT, those of you who know me know that I have my nose pierced. Apparently, my having a nose piercing changed the color of my money. When I tried to get in to The Office, I was denied.
“We have a dress code tonight,” said the door guy, clad in an ever-so-fashionable Affliction shirt (apparently the only kind of t-shirt that grants you access to all of Lafayette’s finest hot spots, such as The Office and Nitetown), faded jeans with super-awesome holes in the knees, and baby-blue hi-top chucks. Did I mention his prematurely bald head? This fashion guru had the nerve to turn me down at the door because of my shoes. I guess before I set out to spend my hard earned money at this club, I should have dressed down a bit. When asked what the code was, his reply was “It is at my discretion.”
I peered into the door and saw various juice-monkeys and dudes who looked like they should be in the  “My New Haircut” video. Right alongside them was a group of guys who looked like they had just returned home from working on the dredge. But apparently Caterpillar boots were acceptable attire. What I also saw inside this club was the video for Eddie Murphy’s smash hit  “Party All the Time.”
Needless to say, I had no problem not giving my money to this haven of douchery. The Office is a loser son of a once-awesome venue. I can only hope that this doesn’t happen to the rest of the niche music venues in Lafayette. Slowly but surely, this is what is happening (See Klub Grant Street, every Saturday at Super-venue, Grant Street Dance Hall). I can only hope that places like Artmosphere and Café Cottage are safe from this fate. Please oh, GOD, please, someone open a good music venue. Maybe you could take The Office’s spot?

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