By Chase Huval

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette Ragin’ Cajuns baseball team doesn’t quite have the record they would like but, they do have the drive, the motivation, and the vision to work to make this season a successful one.

Assistant Coach Mike Trahan will be a big part of whatever the Cajuns season is determined to be. Not quite midway through his first season at the Tigue, Trahan said he is enjoying himself so far.

The Cajuns baseball squad, as most UL Lafayette athletic teams did this year, started off with high expectations. After stumbling out of the gate, the Cajuns stand at 11-12-1, 5-6 in Sun Belt play. Although the own a less than .500 record, Trahan insists, “The expectations are still high and will remain high. We have shown improvement but, we aren’t close to where we need to be.”

The Cajuns have bounced from an abysmal start to pull off some very difficult wins but, would like to be higher in the Sun Belt conference.

“I think that we have done a good job of competing every weekend in a very difficult conference against very difficult teams," Trahan said. "Of course we would have liked to win more, but we can continue to get better, and we will win our share of games.”

The Cajuns seemingly turned on the light switch. Trahan attributes that to, “us continuing to get better and building on things from the fall.”
One win that has Cajuns fans excited came in the New Alex Box Stadium against then-No. 3 ranked LSU Tigers. Although that very exciting match-up has all the fans amped up, the Cajuns coach, “sees it as just another game.”
“It’s one of 56 games that you play during the season, and you expect to win all of them," he elaborated. "In the big picture, it is just one win. If we won that game and went 1-55, thats not a very good season.”
Though Trahan is adamant that defeating arguably the biggest in-state rival was “just another win,” he does concede that it was a huge confidence booster.

“It showed our guys that they are able to compete in that type of atmosphere and play well, it helped them to realize that they can compete at any level,” he said.
Trahan looks forward to coming out and working every day.

“Continue to get better, and continue to compete at a high level. To build everyday to become a better team,” Trahan concluded.