By Ryan Broussard

In these tough economic times, people across the country are looking for ways to save money and avenues to reclaim some of that money they spent. Well the Parking and Transit department here on the University of Louisiana at Lafayette campus has found a way to help.

Today only they will refund $100 to every student, faculty and staff member who purchased a parking spot on campus for this past academic year, which is this semester, the Winter Intercession and the Fall '08 semester.

According to an unidentified source who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the information has not been released to the public yet, management decided to do this because they felt the need to help out students and faculty in this recession.
"Our workers realized we need to do something to help people, but also to improve our image on campus," the source said. "People have a bad image of us because they think all we do is hand out parking tickets and hide in our office behind our blinds checking our Myspace and thinking we run the university."

Students need to bring a copy of their parking sticker or a copy of the paperwork to receive the refund. University Police will be on hand to help deal with the crowds.

"We want to keep things as orderly and calm as possible, but we are only equipped to deal with so much. If it gets to be too much, my guys have standing orders to evacuate to the Swamp," a UP spokesperson said.

"Many students and even some professors complain that our prices are too high for parking and I can understand that, but we believe our prices are on par with other universities and colleges around the country," the source explained.

Some students said they believe the prices are outrageous and they needed to do something for a long time.

"Why pay an arm and a leg for a spot on campus when you can take the bus for free," said one student who declined to give their name. "Maybe if they had a valet service, I would pay, but that is it."

"They need to get their act together and stop trying to pad their 401K with our money, it is utterly ridiculous.

The person in the parking and transit office explained that the money that people pay goes toward keeping campus maintenance running on schedule and that they are still trying to erase the stigma that they are all thieves after their former director, the man formally known as "Didley," was caught pilfering money from the coffers.

"Our reputation dive-bombed after all that came out. I mean total flat-line. We all thought there were gonna be riots and other stuff, but luckily we were spared," the source said.

Student, faculty and staff interested in receiving the refund can travel to the Parking and Transit office at 11:45, when the office will be staffed to capacity to await the arriving hordes.

"I'm thinking about wearing a bullet-proof vest and police riot gear when we open the doors at 11:45 (a.m.) We think so highly of giving back to the community that we are forgoing our lunch our to offer our assistance to the people."