While venues in the Lafayette area begin to disappear and bands from the area are being forced to travel in order to perform, there is still hope.


The Grindhouse, Planet Radio 96.5 KFTE-FM’s own heavy music showcase is trying to bring back the local heavy music scene. Once a week, heavy metal music lovers from the Lafayette area can hear the latest metal releases as well as the originators of the genre on our own radio waves. From 10 p.m. to midnight, listeners can hear anything from Down to Mastodon to Acid Bath to any number of local groups.


Since its inception, the radio show has grown. Originally an hour long, the show was moved and extended due to its success and praise from local listeners. The Grindhouse is not the only project  of host Ronnie “RONSTAR” Stelly.


He is also the proprietor of the short-lived, all-ages venue, The Boondocks. In the short amount of time that the Boondocks was open, the venue played host to huge names such as Bury Your Dead, In This Moment, Mychildren Mybride, Don the Reader and many others. Although the venue did not last long, it is not the only other project of Ronstar.


Ronstar is the main man behind Hold’em High Productions. He was solely responsible for the booking of the big names at The Boondocks and is also the person responsible for booking next month’s Lamb of God, As I Lay Dying show. As I mentioned in a prior article, this is one of the largest metal shows to hit the area in a long time. Already ¾ of the available tickets for the show have been sold. This will be an event like The Blackham Coliseum has rarely ever seen; a far cry from the usual rodeo, low-rider truck, and dog shows the venue usually hosts. This is not the only atypical show that Hold’em High Productions has booked.


This Friday, March 20, Grant Street Dancehall will host the most out of control show since Gwar ravaged Lafayette. Grant Street Downtown will play host to death metal LEGENDS, Suffocation. They, along with touring mates Decrepit Birth and Veil of Maya, will hit the crescent city for their 20th Anniversary tour.


How many bands do you know of that have been playing for 20 years? This is a far cry from the typical expendable popular acts that release one album then disappear into obscurity. Those familiar with these heavy acts will immediately realize the magnitude of this show.


I figure every once in a while, I can use my pen power for a little shameless promotion. My band, This Horrible Machine, will also be playing this huge show on Friday. All of my loyal readers, I would love you forever for your attendance. Even if my band was not playing this show, I would still have this to say about the show.


It is important that we show these major acts just what Lafayette is made of. If we want to keep big names coming to the city, we have to make it worth their time. Come out early and support these heavy music legends. You can get all the info and see the flyer on our website. Visit www.myspace.com/ThisHorribleMachine.


Album of the Week: Kanye West – 808s and Heartbreak